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T E S, Inc. handles all Zinc, Nickel, Lead, Mercury and Lithium batteries.

T E S, Inc. is a waste management company that specializes in battery recycling. The advantage to your company is that T E S can perform all the services necessary to properly handle and recycle your waste batteries.

T E S, Inc. has been performing services in battery waste management for over twenty years.

T E S, Inc. is a registered HazMat transporter and can provide all services needed to solve the logistical problems of collecting, sorting, and transporting your batteries, most of which fall under The Universal Waste Rule (40 CFR Part 273). Our trucks run throughout the entire continental U.S. to meet your needs. If you have smaller quantities of batteries (less than a truckload).

T E S, Inc. would be happy to quote you a rate for our services, which include: sorting, packaging, labeling, loading, and transportation of your batteries by our trained professionals to one of several EPA approved recycling facilities which we are aligned with.

T E S, Inc. can greatly reduce transportation costs, as you load-share with our other customers.

T E S, Inc. prepares all necessary paperwork for shipment of your batteries.

For all your battery recycling needs, please call T E S, Inc. at (800) 313-3455